Thursday, January 7, 2010

Flippity Floppity Flu

No matter what anyone tries to tell you about their musical taste, the truth is that everyone likes hip hop. In my short experience turning the 1s and 2s, time and time again turning the party out is simply a matter of dropping the bpm back to 99 and letting Skee Lo do his thing (thang?). Be it for nostalgia (nostalgiac?) value, ability to sing along to or perhaps it's just that your dingers haven't clicked yet and DIPLO tunez are just too too fast, but the truth is that hip hop rules.

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Underlying this argument is the fact that knowing about hip hop makes you cooler than anyone in the room.

Here's some tasty hip hop remixes bound to get your feet taping and mouth wrapping (raping?)

99 Problems (lightyear remix) - Jay Z

Sydney guy lightyear on this remix. Also known for his remix of Turbo Love by Bag Raiders, and an original called Night/Vision which will drop in March. Download this song now.

Single Ladies (Siik Remix) - Beyonce

I could probably research this more but I'm tired, but Siik makes amazing tapes and remixes for some pretty big name record companies. This 'allegedly' is not a remix more a mash up he made with another song but whatever it is it's plain good. I don't care what you say, Beyonce is cool. Download this song now. Check out his website for more information and free songs.

Also for all you kids who fancy a bit of a dancy (solid), I'm going to be djing at Cargo Bar of all places this Saturday from 8-11, once and for all demonstrating how ordinary music can become extraordinary while on stage. Last week I got requested Black Eyed Peas 5 times in two hours, and I'm hoping to break that record this week. I'd love you to be a part of it. David Guetta sucks.


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