Sunday, January 24, 2010

King Calvin

I told you this guy was good. But you're already probably knew that.

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I wasn't at BDO on Friday or Saturday but from all accounts Calvin Harris was huge and amazing. On a line-up of superstar musicians, he truly is the difference maker.

I don't care if you've got these songs or not; here's a catalogue of said artists work from the past yeeeear (plus maybe a little longer).

Waking up in Vegas (Calvin Harris extended remix) - Katy Perry

I like popular music.

Ready for the weekend - Calvin Harris

Tragically poppy buut some people enjoy that. Not me however, this song's terrible. Fake Blood remix is way better.

You used to hold me - Calvin Harris

Some irish requested this song from me when I had no idea what it was. Huuuge tune. You'll like this one.

Yeah yeah yeah la la la - Calvin Harris

Tune. Used in a Coke commercial.

Merrymaking at my house (Mr. Oizo Remix)- Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris = Pop God. Mr. Oizo = Bearded Genius. Just enjoy this classic if you don't already.

She wolf (Calvin Harris Remix) - Shakira

If this song didn't have Shakira's annoying vocals it would be awesome. Her hips don't lie.

We are Golden (Calvin Harris Remix) - Mika

Top 15 songs of last year. Boom.

See the light (Calvin Harris Remix) - The Hours

Top 5 songs of last year. Double fist.

Calvin Harris doesn't necessarily blow me apart with his originality, or his variance indicating a true musical genius lives in his bones, but he has stumbled onto a fantastic recipe of synth pop with a lot of girth to it. Don't you just wish you were as cool as him. Don't cha.

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