Thursday, January 7, 2010


Hello! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year... all that jazz. Apologies for the little break. You don't care what I did... so here is some music!

I was going to stagger this over various posts, but as a belated gift to you all, here is a shit load of music I think you should get into you uneducated plebiscites.

Firstly, Nadastrom released this remix of the Shiny Toy Guns about two weeks ago and I was only just able to get my hands on it. Personally, I prefer Shiny Toy Guns first album 'We Are Pilots' to their latter effort... but hey. And as for this Nadastrom remix - it is very 'now'. By the way, Nadastrom is actually Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom and are signed to Switch's label Dubsided and they are very, very good at what they do. Nadastrom were rumoured to tour Australia for the first time this Summer but Nova hasn't started playing them yet... but I'm sure we'll see them soon.

Ricochet! (Nadastrom Remix) - Shiny Toy Guns

I'll throw in their debut single from about a year back. The entire song builds to the drop at 3.31 that will probably give you ear cancer.

Pussy - Nadastrom

Next, I will hark back to earlier posts by myself and Maxwell relating to Hey Champ and D-Cup. You already know enough about them both, so here are their new singles. 'Cold Dust Girl' is much more instrumental than I was expecting - perhaps more 'musically' orientated for those self-righteous indie music purists - but still wicked good. D-Cup can't do much wrong either...

Cold Dust Girl - Hey Champ

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life - D-Cup

BeatauCue are another artist who have really caught my attention. And... OMFG... they're French. Two little beret-wearing, croissant-consuming surrendering Frenchmen from Caen are currently unsigned. But I don't think that will last too long. Max may not agree with their music style, but all you munted c*nts will love it. You'll no doubt recognise their remix of Noob and Brodinski's (aka mini Yuksek) track. And apparently Pon de Floor has received some airtime? Yes? Well this is the best remix I've heard.

Peanuts Club (BeatauCue Remix) - Noob & Brodinski

Pon De Floor (BeautauCue Remix) - Major Lazer

I wanted to throw something in the works quickly... Fake Blood - renowned for ostentatiously throwing his name in every remix he does (we get it... you're pretty good) - released the following track. You'll recognise the vocals - it's been played a lot recently. But the track on the whole doesn't sound very Fake Blood at all. It's almost... dare I say... disco. He has violin riffs and a funky bass line. Even a cow bell in there somewhere! Compare it to Mars and well... you see where I'm coming from.

I Think I Like - Fake Blood

Finally, I want to finish with a very special track. The Golden Filter, better known for their widespread 'Solid Gold' debut, are becoming more and more awesome. This remix of UK electro group O Children's first single is amazing. It has dreamy, angelic vocals; a jungle-feel drum line; random piano-synth samples; pleasant tambourines and finishes with a distinctly 'Golden Filter' ending. Fuck it, just listen to it!

Dead Disco Dancer (Golden Filter Remix) - O Children

Peace and Love.

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