Sunday, February 21, 2010

Float like a Butterfree, Sting like a Beedrill...

How freakin' good was/is Pokemen. Tolkien eat your heart out - at least these characters can evolve. Moving on...

Stay Ali are three young gentlemen from Stockholm, Sweden. Bard, Johan and Elias make up this dynamic Swedish trio who are pumping out tracks at the tender age of 18! I'm nearing 22 and all I have is this crappy blog. Calvin Harris doesn't even have some spare hugs for these guys. Or love. Which I'm sure they're super devastated about.

The best thing about these guys is that none of their tracks are similar 'production wise'. I've heard a few of their tunes, and they range from banging electro to chilled disco-esque pop. And all of it, quite frankly, is brilliant.

You can download their entire new album for free from their myspace.

For my mind, these two tracks best exhibit the extent of Stay Ali's versatility. Both Emotional Day and Publikum are amazing. If Mario and Luigi were the main characters in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, then Publikum would be the theme song. And Emotional Day is just that... a few 'emo' chords with funky ass shit thrown in. Actually probably even more removed is a track titled '97'. If you can, check that out too.

Publikum - Stay Ali

Emotional Day - Stay Ali

Thank you Jarryd for putting me on to Stay Ali. You'd get the credit, but I'm the one with the blog.

Peace and Love.

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