Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little Lucid Man

BenLucid is a Sydney DJ, producer and all round party dude. His presence around the local circuit has been felt for years not only at the unrivalled home of Sydney's indie club movement at Purple Sneakers, but also as the brains and host of some of the most innovative nights our city has to offer. Why just this very saturday his record breaking party will be taking over Q Bar on Oxford Street for a night of cracking fun (his quote not mine).

But beyond his hosting skills, it was his music making ability which first drew him to my attention. Given his almost weekly rotation at Purple Sneakers it's no surprise that he has a taste for the indie/party genres of music and what he as created is perhaps the FIRST bootleg of the number 1 song from the Triple J hottest 100, Little Lion Man. Ben has kept in tact the infectious rhythm of the original, while adding some catchy synths and restructuring it to make it friendly for the dance floor. This song is perfect for any DJ to play who may be receiving complaints from there alternative cousin that their set at his 21st is toooo dancey (we've all been there).

The second song I have for you is a mash up of the number 2 song from the JJJ countdown, Parlez vous Francais by Art vs Science and Riverside by Sidney Samson. Now mash ups per say are typically things I don't waste my time on, however once again after listening to this I couldn't resist it. In the words of the man himself, "that mash is dance floor crack". It's a mix that works in a lot of contexts and certainly a tune that everybody should have in their arsenal.

Little Lion Man (BenLucid Bootleg) - Mumford and Sons unmastered

Do you speak riverside (BenLucid Was Ear Mash) - Art vs Science f**ks Sidney Samson

You can check out some other songs and follow BenLucid on soundcloud here...
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  2. Great remix. Love the original, didn't believe anyone could make an electro version of it... Proved wrong !