Thursday, April 29, 2010

Adult Disco


Do you like bands such as Holy Ghost, Aeroplane, Classixx, Todd Terje, and Crookers?

If you answered yes to all that then I'd say you're lying. Diversity like that is almost impossible. Crookers are quite shit. Only rookies like there new stuff. Apart from that delicious solo remix of 'Put You Hands On Me' <- youtoob

But seriously, if you like those other groups, apart from the fact that you probably have an amazing sex life, you've probably heard a little about Future Classic. Basically, Future Classic is an Australian record label and touring agency which has been responsible for bringing out some of the most progressive and delightful talent to grace our shores in recent memory. Apart from those 4 groups listed above all making delightful tunes, they've also all toured under the future classic banner.

From May 1st, Future Classics will be taking over the Civic Underground for it's new weekly party, 'Adult Disco'. For the first edition, Future Classics resident DJ's including FBi's James 'Big Time Timmy Jim' Mcinnies will be on the wheels of steel spinning some treats for us all, how ever in the months to come they've a host of internationals planned to tour which is exciting given there track record. Trust me this is something you want to be a part of.

To get y'all in the mood, Big Time Timmy Jim McInnies kindly dropped over their latest promo for the party which is excellent. It's a hefty hour and twenty minutes long, but believe me it's well worth your time. To quote one of the people who commented the mixtape, "This is real disco for adult people". I hope you can handle it.

Adult Disco Mix #1 - Future Classic DJs - Coming May 1 to the Civic by future classic

For more info on Adult Disco and Future Classic visit their website.

A track from someone we would all like to see tour.
Need Your Lovin' - Tensnake

See y'all there.


  1. The label is called Future 'Classic', not 'Classics' and they've been pushing quality sounds since long before the hipsters and their blogs caught Holy Ghost by accident at Parklife one year and decided they like 'disco'..

    I just hope the scene I enjoy isn't invaded by people who used to listen to (and play) Electro until they went to a party at the Civic one night and realised its shit.. so now they turn their nose up at their former, bit crush loving brethren because they think knowing the names of the DFA roster gives them underground cred.

    Adult Disco? Let's hope so

  2. ...touche Adam. Quite agree there.

  3. p.s love Tensnake Maxa...10 POINTS!!!

  4. Excuse my poor grammer and proof reading skills. Commas are being inserted.

    I sincerely doubt the 'scene' will be invaded by electro converts, and people who aren't legitimate fans of the house/disco movement. While there's no doubting the growing popularity of the style within pop culture I think Future Classic's ability to push the boundaries in terms of what's new and whats good would act as a deterrent to most fans who aren't 100% immersed based on the fact that if they don't know what's going on they'll look like dicks. And those kind of kids care about what they look like.

    Regardless of how long the label has been around, and regardless of how long people have been interested in what they have to offer, it's obvious that through their large marketing campaign, Future Classic' doesn't care about trying to be underground and exclusive and are more interested in exposure and growth, which is excellent for all involved as long as you don't mind a few more hipsters hanging around the civic.

  5. great job Maxwelle. I particularly like the joke about how the crookers are losers.

  6. I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in here

    Firstly, Adam, I appreciate your comments and opinion. I wish more people would express their views on all our posts. I also enjoy your writing style. Your argument is very similar to a friend of mine's opinion on the Dubstep scene (except Disco has been around a little longer).

    I willingly put my hand up to say I am a born-again 'disco' fan. I'm only 21, so if we go back 4-5 years I was all about electro. And in many ways I have turned my noise up at the Electro scene. But this isn't because I'm looking for underground cred or seeking to invade any 'scene'... it's just that an awful lot of electro is now shit since the Electro explosion in recent times, so I've been turned off it.

    I still listen to Justice and a lot of old Ed Banger and I do enjoy it. It's just an evolution of taste. I consider myself very new to the 'Disco' scene I don't claim to be an authority on the genre. The only reason I created this blog was to vent and share my music tastes (and I was bored). Max and I have similar tastes, and I will say that a lot of my music education has come from Max, but we know what music we like and we think other people should like it to.

  7. Thanks for posting this guys- certainly shows the worth of blogs like yours for news on the happenings of the house/disco 'scene'.

    I'm just getting into all this awesome music myself (same age as you Murray btw) and saw that future classic embodied a lot of that music.

    So it's even better that I'm able to find out that they have a regular night at a good pub (something that isn't easy in Sydney, almost all the places are the same, just different levels of trashy/classy-ness) and also to find out a bit about the history behind it all.

    Keep up the good work guys!

    Ps, are there any other good Sydney/oz- centric music blogs you could recommend? Thanks :)