Monday, May 24, 2010

Hunting Sharks

Jason Hunter and The Great Red Shark have been making music together for close to five years and ‘Wander With Me’ is a track from a 3-month writing session held in the summer of 2008.

It starts with a soothing and hypnotic atmosphere close to the Portishead-sound and then soars aboard the wings of an eagle through a rain storm, out the other side like the feeling of a panadol after a hangover. Ambo-pop with a solid kick drum. This is a really solid track. It's early morning love making music.

Wander With Me - Jason Hunter & The Great Red Shark

They've got some similarly ambient music on their SoundCloud, like this bad boy.

Strings by jhtgrs

Definitely worth knowing about.

The great people at Bad Panda Records are also having a competition to win some limited edition t-shirts so click here for the details.

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