Thursday, May 27, 2010

Short Circuit

Binary is an amazing family of artists hailing out of Los Angeles. Every time we receive a submission from them it's a no brainer that it's top notch. Their most recent success came from the enormous NightWaves track 'Sweet Carrie' which tantalised the internet for about 6 weeks before we all got sick of the hype and picked ourselves up offa tha floor.

The other day they sent me their latest offering, this time by Short Circuit and his latest track, 'Let Go'. Short Circuit is Andrew Verner of Los Angeles. One of Binary's seven artists Short Circuit's unique take on indie dance is highlighted by his pop leaning vocoded vocals. After having been in indie rock bands for years, Verner took his music to the electronic realm in 2008. Since that time he's gained notoriety for his remixes of such artists as The Presets, Digitalism, and Michael Jackson. Short Circuit is well known in Los Angeles for his dynamic live show, which is a complex blend of live synths, live vocals, and on-the-fly remixes. Let Go is his first single as Short Circuit, and will be followed by an EP to come in 2010.

Let Go starts of in a very token arpeggiated electronic manor, much like Fischerspooner, but quickly seperates itself from the pack with it's vocoded lyrics and percussion breakdowns. In all this track is a powerhouse of indie/electro hybrid passion and I can only imagine what it sounds like live. To be expected, the NightWaves remix is stellar, beginning in a softer place than the original but still ramping up the attitude later on in a whirl of pan synths and tribal drums. I've also included the Popskarr remix which you should definitely check out.

Let Go - Short Circuit

Let Go (NightWaves Remix) - Short Circuit

Let Go (Popskarr Remix) - Short Circuit

Check out the Binary Blog. It's great.
Short Circuit on Facebook.
NightWaves on Facebook.
Popskarr on MySpace.

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