Monday, May 3, 2010

Storm in a DCUP

It's great fun finding photos for posts about DCUP.

There's no denying that DCUP arrived in a hurry when he impressed us all with his style EP last year on Ajax's Sweat It Out label, but his rise to the absolute creme de la crop (is that a thing?) of Sydney's, then Australia's and now the world's top rung of producers has been nothing short of meteoric. You only need to look over at the Aria Club Charts to find his name on 6 songs out of the top 32, including the number 1, 'We No Speak Americano', his collaboration with fellow Sydney Sweaters Yolanda Be Cool which has been there for 10 weeks and counting. Beyond the Aria Charts, he also has smashed the beatport charts in a time where other Aussies such as Cassian, Flight Facilities and Light Year have also enjoyed major success.

Anyway, based on this, it's always exciting to hear new things from the young man and by doing a little bit of scrounging I was able to find some pretty sweet things that he's done recently.

His remix of Piper & Fernandez is a real hybrid of DCUP and his alter ego Hi Beams who is known for his much edgier tech work. I've always enjoyed his Hi Beams stuff and this remix really bridges the gap between his styles with the result being pure win. Check it out. Props to Disco Workout for posting this.

Rockstar (DCUP Remix) - Tom Piper & Fernandez <- removed by request

DCUP Disco Dozen is actually an old 12 minute mixtape he made from what I can find. But it's a great mish mash of some really good tunes, old and new which every fan of his will enjoy.

DCUP Disco Dozen - DCUP

His latest remix to smash the club charts is his remix of Canberra's 'The Aston Shuffle'. This song has been around the circuit for months now but was only officially released last week. For your copy, please support the artist and purchase it on Beatport

I wanna see you (DCUP Remix) - The Aston Shuffle

It doesn't look like this guy is going to be slowing down his frantic pace anytime soon.
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How bland.


  1. is it possible to get a track listing on Disco Dozen mix? Thanks for the post, homie!