Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WTF Beetroots

It's wrong for me to say I hate the Bloody Beetroots, because after all, back in '07 when I first heard there work I really liked them. I just think I hate Warp mostly. What a pig awful noise. Beyond this though, too many people have adopted warp1.9 as a lifestyle. The same type of people who constantly describe their behaviour as 'loose'. People who have ever finished a sentence with Woop Woop need help.

This is a difficult topic to argue though, and I don't want to risk offence to those in question as you never know who is going to come out of the closet as a Warp fan. Here is some music by The Bloody Beetroots from back when I actually got excited by their releases. Compare it to the junk they 'produce' now.

Rant over.

Dimmakmmunication - The Bloody Beetroots

Public Enemy - The Bloody Beetroots

We Are From Venice (La Serenissima) - The Bloody Beetroots

This last one actually still gives me goose bumps. It's an absolutely genius remake of a Venetian baroque groups 1981 hit La Serenissima. In my opinion it's their finest work. Please watch the original video and animated video clip from the original below.

Peas x


  1. warp is pretty dope man.

    in any event, the dominos ep is not as hard as warp, and some of the other tracks on their romborama release.

    most of their work is fucking sick. unlike many other artists who only have a couple good songs per album.

  2. just because you can dance your dick off to a song doesn't make it garbage....

  3. Totally with you, dude. Loved these songs back then, but WARP is just wack.

  4. Eric: I don't like warp but I do agree with you they do have a lot of stuff that is good which is why I've posted these alternatives. I just think it's a shame that warp is why most people know them. they were pioneers 3 years ago and now they just seem to have run out of ways to be fresh.

    dinoshark: warp is garbage. not only would I not dance to it but if people play it I leave venues. It is not music. It's rubbish. it's a real stain on their either wise nice discography. and my point about it being a lifestyle.. warp is soo scene. warp is the scene. and the scene is for rookies.

    Apat: on the same wave length.

  5. Haha, I have to say I love The Bloody Beetroots past and present. And although I disagree with your warp sentiments, your blog is really funny I will definitely stop back soon!

  6. As always it seems, an artist's earlier works will infinitely be better (most of the time) than their current works.
    I normally disagree with sentiments like these but as far as The Bloody Beetroots go I agree with you on a lot of fronts - some of their earlier remix work is just absolute perfect work. I dig their more recent productions too and the whole direction they're heading but they haven't captured that earlier feel that I felt in their previous stuff. Maybe cause that's how I was introduced to them, through their many remixes but ah well. TBB rock :)

  7. warp is catchy but there is no art to it, it is just noise, with a woop woop

  8. i think part of the problem is the puppet master a.k.a. steve the beetroots were producing straight fire before dim i could agree more about how played out warp is...bring cornelius back haha

  9. Warp is total bad commercial-poppy gobbilty gook, this is what happens when Aoki involves himself in talented people music. Aoki is the biggest fame pirate of a drugged out mess to cruise the electronic music circuit. Beetroots have a repertoire of just fantastic music that that put out in their early days, let your washing machine speak was a lifechanging experience for me. Along with oi oi oi, cross, some early crookers remixes, bob rifo captured the essence of the way I wanted to sound as an electronic musician; unique, glitchy, unpredictable, dissonant, melodically unrelenting powerhouse electro (with lots of low register piano!) with a killer palette of filthy sounds to taste.

    As much as Warp got old about a week after it happened and domino is a HUGE joke, try not to forget the better days of what is in my opinion one of the best electronic artists ever to exist.

    Couple tracks worth checking out:

    Ezekiel eats red hoodie, Bluto fucks Popeye, Butter, ill to destroy, harvest time

    Remixes of note:

    The Toxic Avenger - Escape (BB remix), Goose - Everybody (BB Remix), Micky Green - Shoulda (BB remix), Cazals - Somebody, Somewhere (BB remix), The All-American Rejects - Gives You Hell (BB Remix)

    Just to name a few!

  10. really they've taken the title of "electro trash duo" and ran with it

    Jason: great recommendations

  11. 'i love the bloody beetroots' is a personal fav. as well as 'butter'. that tracks SLAYS.

  12. Jason very well spoken point and I completely agree with you. That catalogue of tunes you mentioned are some of my most played on my iTunes, although I never got into Ezekiel eats red hoodie. I saw the beetroots play in September 2008; it must've been only a short time before warp came out (that's what annoys me as well is actually how old the song is) and it was the second most amazing set I've watched only second to breakbot who had the most amazing unique edits of not only his own catalogue but of every song of every genre that was popular at the time.

    Perhaps the poison of Aoki was the element that tipped them over the talent scale and towards there new position as scene merchants.

    I love the bloody beetroots is amazing as is fucked from above 1985, the remixes of Goose are ridiculously great. The daffey duck sample saying "who's your daddy" is inspired. There was a time when I used to check the beetroots myspace every day to listen to their unreleased material and check for new songs but sadly, as is too common these days, they got shit.

    Appreciate all the feedback people it's great to hear your oppinions on this!

  13. Blah blah blah. Enough of the "back in the day when they used to be good" speeches. i DJ all over the US and there are few tracks that are that simple that slay the dancefloor everytime like warp. And not just with "scene" kids. Also, BBR's All Leather-Mystery Meat remix is newer and that track is killer as well.

  14. mathew: that was a terrible input into this discussion.

    warp is only big with scene kids. fact. undeniable fact.

    the mystery meat remix is absolutely drivel and pretty much warp with guitars and words.

    As I dj it's great that you play what the crowd wants to hear and congratulations that you can make the crowd go nuts and that you get to tour, but warp is terrible and why a lot of people enjoy it, those kids are the scene.

    there are thousands of people who can play warp while they dj and make young kids froth but wouldn't you rather do something different and engage the audience in a different way?

  15. 110% with you, BB used to be better a long time ago. And i always haves doubts about the argument that people 'always go apeshit when you play this track', don't take the easy way to please a crowd.

    A lot of artists have this problem when a certain concept of music seems to work really well. Then they can choose. Make the same thing because people love it (for now) or go back to square one and create something entirely new. I think a true creative mind goes back to square one and then kills it with another innovative recording.

  16. this is better

  17. Max,
    I completely agree. I used to play WARP at sets years ago and WAY TOO MANY people got WAY TOO hyped just over that simple synth bend. Sure, it was innovation... but when you play anything THAT much people lose interest, and the rooks' catch on easier... not good.

    DJ Shamen.