Monday, June 7, 2010


Last week we were super stoked to share with you the debut release of the very talented and sexually explicit Frames. On the back of this, the gang he remixed, AEONS got in touch with us with their side of the story.

After years apart honing their skills impersonating their punk rock heroes they got a feeling that perhaps the music game had more to it. After buying a heap of expensive equipment it has only taken one short year for them to figure out how to plug it in, turn it on and make a 5 track EP, which they've called 'Beyond the Satellites'.

The lads, Lance Gurisik and Josh Matysek, were particularly stoked to get the wizards touch of Diamond Cut on to produce the EP, the loveable rogue behind Cassette Kids, Visitor, Matt Van Schie, Delta Goodrem and every memorable remix of '09. The result is slick, informed, stargazing electro-pop from the universe next door.

The track they've sent over is called 'Where the sky meets the sea', and it's a real electronic tour de force. It's strange to consider, but the track actually has completely equal parts electro and pop. This is somewhat how I imagine groups such as Kisschasy and After the Fall would sound like in a truly 21st century setting filled with arpeggiated synths and drum machines. I really really like it. I know you will too.

Where the sky meets the sea - AEONS

For good measure, here's the vox mix of Frames' excellent remix of the title track, 'Beyond the Satellites'.

Beyond the satellites (Frames Vox Mix) - AEONS

The entire EP will be available for HQ streaming and download from June 18 via their website For the meantime you can also peep some of their other remix and cover work on there as well.

This is a group you can't help but like.
Be stalkers.


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