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LightsoverLA Interview

As you are aware, we've been intrigued by LightsoverLA for some time now. We really like them, and what we like more is how exciting it is hearing new tracks and trying to guess what kind of track it's going to be. We wanted to know more about the person behind the name, so today I was lucky enough to have some interesting questions answered by Storm, the front (and now only) man of this West Coast project.

Read the interview below, and while you're perusing, check out the two latest remixes from the group. The first, is an after hours melodic dub-pop track. This is one you have to hear to believe.

Dead Hearts (LightsoverLA Remix) - Stars

Foxtrot ft. Kendahl Gold (LightsoverLA Remix) - Betatraxx

GROOVECITY:Firstly thanks heaps for taking the time to answer a few questions, I get the feeling that as more and more people begin to learn your name they’d like to try and learn more about the people behind the name.

• Who is LOLA and what’s in a name? You’re from Phoenix so what’s the deal with the geographical confusion? And I’ve also seen this spelt and punctuated in a number of different ways.. can you finally help us settle the argument?

LOLA: LightsoverLA is me Stormy Logan..I was driving down the 202 and Lights Over Phoenix came into mind ( a few years back we had some UFO thing over Phoenix) I didn't wanna sound all conspiracy theory with my name so I just went with one of my favorite cities, Los Angeles. And actually I am currently living between Phoenix and LA so the name is KINDA making sense. The spelling/Puncuation thing was kinda funny at first cause I just left it up to interpretation but OFFICIALLY its LightsoverLA all one word...why? I dunno just to be different I guess and Lights Over LA just looks kinda lame in my opinion :)

LightsoverLA seemingly came out of nowhere earlier this year with a swag full of remixes and edits but this wasn’t really a case of bedroom producers finally getting some material out therw.. can you tell us about your musical background and how you finally came about creating this dance super group?

LOLA: My background is metal/hardcore straight up. I had been touring/working for metal bands since I got out of high school. Basically I got tired of trying to find 4 other dudes on the same page and be in a touring metal band so I said fuck it and downloaded Ableton and learned all I could learn. I had always liked dance music but it was just kinda a joke with friends to throw on some lame trance record and make fun of it.

What has the transition been like from band to electronic duo? What are the major differences?

LOLA: The biggest reason I stopped wanting to be in bands was because I cant stand relying on other people. Since the beginning of LightsoverLA I have had different people involved in different ways, but from here on out its gonna be me. Nothing against anyone that has been involved but this project is my baby and I am pretty protective over it.

There’s been rumour floating around of an extravagant live show in the works… is there any truth to this and if so what’s involved? Have you had the opportunity to bring it out during and performances so far?

LOLA: Coming from a live band background I want to do this as legit/live as I can do it with electronic music. Yes it’s all based off a computer but I want to bring a show to people. So far any performances I have done have been mainly DJ based but I use Ableton live so I wouldn't/wont really consider myself a DJ. But I also realize that I am gonna be booked in those kinda club settings so I want to be very versatile and be able to play anywhere in any setting.

A lot of talk around the blogosphere has been about your inability to stick within a genre with your remixes… do you take much consideration from what is said out their on the internet?

LOLA: I was hoping you would ask me this one haha...Ok the first blog to ever "call" me out about my lack of a genre was you guys..It was probably 5 in the morning and I don't think I have ever let a review bother me so much before haha. So as far as consideration on what is said yes...I let it bother me to the point of losing sleep BUT at the same time I love so many different genres of electronic music I just feel like this day in age it shouldn't matter TO much..Your not gonna see me releasing a trance/grindcore/minimal album but I feel like to stand out you have to be doing something different. I don't expect EVERYONE to love everything I do but if the same person who hates my indie dance track loves my dubstep track then I will have accomplished what I want. And I love you Aussies now so its all good :)

So far we’ve seen LOLA tackle indie anthems, bangor mashups, dubstep and all areas in between… how do you go about determining what direction your remixes will take? And is there an overall mission statement for the group? What are LOLA’s goals?

LOLA: Honestly I just drop a track into Ableton and whatever comes out in the first ten minutes is usually where I am gonna go with the track. I like to keep the original vibe of the track unless the track sucks, and after a few commissioned remixes that sucked I won’t remix anything I don’t like anymore. Honestly my goals are to make a track BETTER then it was before or at least danceable. But mainly my goal is to make Murray post dubstep tracks :)

For the kids out there can you give us a quick grocery list of the items in your studio?

LOLA: A slowly dying macbook pro, Axiom 25 Midi Controller (best investment ever), JBL monitors, APC40 (for live performances) and probably 20k dollars worth of downloaded softsynths/samples which I fully plan on buying when I start making money doing this whole thing!

What’s in the near future for LOLA? Official remixes? Record labels? Originals? Tours (coming down under for an extravagant live show?)

LOLA: I am starting a label with one of my best friends Travis who is also a producer and we have huge plans for the label. I have worked in the music business long enough to know that its not that hard to do this stuff all yourself and in the long run its the smart decision. We just got distribution through Juno, Beatport, iTunes etc so we will be releasing an upcoming LightsoverLA EP hopefully in the next few months. I am gonna continue to do bootleg remixes cause I love doing it and I don't get to many official remix request yet and the ones I have got are kinda meh. As far as touring I actually just joined up with a company out of San Francisco called GreenElectronic ( and on the roster they have some awesome up and coming DJ/Producers and as a collective we have some awesome ideas. And I am doing EVERYTHING I can to get myself down under its one of my dreams to go there so any promoters out there hit me up!!

Living in America, you’re lucky enough to be treated to fantastic everyday products that are less common in Australia, such as (mother fuckin’) ranch dressing and Dr. Pepper. Can you send me some over please?

LOLA: When I come down there I will bring you a box of each I promise!

You’re on a plane flying over to Glastonbury and your plane crashes leaving you washed up on an exotic yet uninhabited island. Fortunately you were travelling well over weight restrictions and consequently have a lot of your favourite everyday items to choose from. What are three possessions you couldn’t live without?

LOLA: Macbook, Wireless Internet Card, In N Out Burger :)

Justin Bieber lives next door to you. Are you a) jumping the fence to give him a piece of your mind (and what would this be?) b) bringing him baked goods in exchange for some studio time with him (and what would you bake him?) or c) get him to sign everything you own and spend the rest of your days crying with happiness ..

LOLA: I am gonna choose B. I would bring him baked weed brownies just to see that kid stoned.

Well there you have it. Thanks very much for taking the time to bring a bit more knowledge to the readers of Groove City. You guys were one of the first new live international groups we blogged about and it’s been great to be able to stay in touch with you as you’ve gone from strength to strength. Really look forward to the tour whenever that may

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