Monday, June 7, 2010

Marina in the sky with diamonds

A little while ago on Groove City we featured the latest tracks from Clock Opera, namely their remix of Marina and the Diamonds. On the back of this we were recently sent a hip hop track from a 21 year old rapper out of long island named Hoodie Allen.

In the words of the man himself, "the reason I think Hoodie Allen is a great fit for your blog is that you have been very receptive to Marina remixes in the past but you have never had one like mine! I have juxtaposed new school indie pop sampling with the punchy lyricism of a hip hop track. In doing so, I think I have something deceptively catchy that you might find yourself enjoying a lot".

Gotta give my man Hoodie props on this. His sampling is tight and the dude can spit a good line. This is definitely a track you've gotta peep.

You Are Not A Robot (feat. Marina & The Diamonds) by HoodieAllen

Check out his SoundCloud.

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  1. Hi Murray
    So nice track you have added int this blog, any one can become crazy after hearing this music.Diamonds has joined your music this is a gift for you..