Tuesday, June 15, 2010


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Voltage is the union of house wizard Joel Dickson (Nile Delta, Riot in Belgium) and Cut Copy’s own Dan Whitford. They've gotten together on what is shaping up to be a pretty special project. According to the Cutters' Blog this is one of those project that has been around for a while, but is only now just beginning to see the light of day.

VOLTAGE 'ALL NIGHT' TRAILER from Cutters Records on Vimeo.

'All Night' is the pair's debut release. You can buy it off of Beatport with remixes from Munk, Azari & III, as well as In Flagranti to name a few, and you should because it's really quite good. It's driving cosmic house disco music with some sweet lyrics and even sweeter synths that I've got a feeling is going to be played a lot round the festival circuit this year. Not by Guetta, but by Aeroplane. I was going to preview the original in poor quality buuuut I managed to track down the radio edit on Too Many Sebastians. Enjoy. Then purchase.

All Night (Radio Edit) - Voltage

Buy it on Beatport.

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