Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Who is Frames?

Don't you love a good mystery? Growing up amongst a generation of Goosebump readers (R.L Stine!) has given me a real passion for the unexplained. Today I got a mysterious email from the lovely people at Falcona who were the same people who brought you the intrigue around Universe, this time introducing me to the delights of Frames.

Frames is quite different to most producers you're common with, but not unlike Boy 8-bit in his ability to fuse sounds of opposing genres together in a way to make you wiggle. He is the self-described inventor and foremost advocate of "quirk house", and while I don't know what that means I sure enjoy how it sounds. For you today, we have his latest remix of ambient electro-rockers AEONS who recently lent their own remix touch to Australia's own Lisa Mitchell (which was surprisingly fantastic), and while this may be the first you've heard of these two acts, be assured it will not be the last. Not by a long shot.

As a super surprise bonus I managed to track down another remix that Frames has looked over (the pun is in the fact the Frames can mean glasses) for Groove City favourite Cassian's huge track Friday Night. This is a mesh of tech and disco and house in a style that just makes you wanna shake rump. Check it out direct from his SoundCloud.

Beyond the Satellites (Frames Dub Mix) - AEONS

Friday Night (Frames Remix) by Frames
Sneaky Sneaky.

Frames will be huge. Follow him on Facebook.
Aeons on Facebook.

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