Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Black Diamond Bay

Another gem surfaced for me this morning on SoundCloud, this time from Black Diamond Bay out of Leeds in the UK.

Black Diamond Bay are a six piece band playing a pretty unique brand of electro-folk music. They've drawn comparisons with the likes of Massive Attack (Boom Boom CHK) and are also a touch similar to Breton albeit in a much less industrial manor. If Death Cab for Cutie had more synths and a female vocalist, it would sound similar to this.

Their latest single is called 'Philharmonic Bubbles', it was out in June on exceptional records. You can buy it off of iTunes, and you can also preview it below. It's quite good. There's a lot more of their catalogue on their SoundCloud most of which, again, is available on iTunes.
Philharmonic Bubbles by blackdiamondbay

Check their website for the amazing backstory behind the group.

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