Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weather Report #5

As per usual, I'm about a month behind in my the blog submissions, and as per usual I've dug up some gold for you.

Bliss - Mix Chopin .. Out of Canada, he's making what is fast becoming the sound of 2010, being disco house. This track is very dope, would be doper with vocals, but is definitely worth knowing about if you can relate to the likes of Go Go Bizkitt amongst others. Check his SoundCloud for more details. Download the 320 off of Mediafire here.
Mix Chopin - Bliss by MixChopin

As you can guess by the name Anthony Atcherley, he doesn't muck around making dubstep or disco, it's straight up house music. I've been sent a few tracks by this chap that have all been quite good, his latest offering (well of a month ago) is the favourite track that I've heard. It's got those disjointed chords that I'm dying to learn how to make. This Brit has talent, and I'm looking forward to seeing where he'll take that in the near future. Check his SoundCloud for more information.
Anthony Atcherley - Its A Lot Like Life by Anthony Atcherley

The final track I have to share with you is from the Superlative Sons a.k.a SSONS out of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. These two lads, DJs turned producers like a sample as much as the next bloke. Their track below is your classic Baile Funk anthem, just begging for you to shake your hips along with it. Very nice. Check their SoundCloud for more tunes.
Deixa O Garoto Brinca by SSONS

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

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