Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weather Report #6

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, been busy being on holidays. Not that you that matters! In celebration of my holiday beginning tomorrow morning I've decided to do one last weather report on some more amazing tunes that it's taken me too long to find in my inbox. I can tell you I'm not a fan of this habit, but it's amazing still uncovering gems.

Firstly, M.A.F out of the UK. Don't know too much about him, other than that he makes some pretty decent dubstep. The kind that I enjoy anyway. It's the kid that still keeps the music in it, maybe a touch less wobbly, but still very enjoyable. Check out his bootleg of Crave You by Sydney's Flight Facilites. He also has some other rad tunes on his SoundCloud. Check out Coconut Grove!
Flight Facilities - Crave You (M.A.F. Remix) by DJ M.A.F.

The next track is from L&O, again, another group I know little about. They're french and they make house music, but it's not French House amazingly, more like the good old kind that tore up the 90s. Very enjoyable if you like your big room tunes. If you're fluent in French then hit up their MySpace.
L&O - New York 3000 by anchorfactory

The great people from Lightspeed records also sent us their latest musical offering, Stick Back by Planet Jumper. Honing their sound both in the studio, for the past 4 years, as well on stage, where their performances combine live rhythms with digital tricknology, Melbourne-based production duo Planet Jumper have built their sound on driving drums, low-slung bass, liquefied guitar, sticky synths & wild percussion. Support this tune by purchasing it on Juno.
Planet Jumper - Stick Back [LSR009] 128 by Lightspeed Recordings

So much more good stuff coming for you but unfortunately that will have to wait until after my holiday.

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