Sunday, July 18, 2010

What You Thought You Knew

Remix comps, DJ comps, everybody seems to be competing these days. Hard to understand what for really.

I know I'm a little late on this jam, I was in fact waiting for a whole bunch of other remixes to flood in for the same tune, but the internet was a little quieter than I thought it would be. I'm talking of course about the Cassian remix of 'What You Know' by Two Door Cinema Club. At the moment, the man is currently tearing up Europe on route to Ibiza where he will play undoubtedly the biggest gigs of his short but stellar career to date. Before he left however, he knocked out this bad boy.

He's really Cassian'd it, which I interpret to mean he's added funky arse guitar riffs, broken up the chorus and made it quite danceable and delightful. No doubt a contender for the title. Fan him on Facebook.
What You Know (Cassian Remix) - Two Door Cinema Club by cassian88

Found this other jam as well from a new group who I don't no much about apart from that they're from Sydney Australia, and there's two of them. Quite long but definitely a nice jam. Fan them on Facebook.
What You Know (The Baldives Remix) - Two Door Cinema Club by The Baldives

Good news is while I was writing this I've had confirmation that another Sydney producer, Frames, will also be releasing his Two Door Cinema remix this evening so that's something else for you to look forward too! Word up.

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