Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hmm Quite Meaty

A Sydney producer who is going places is The Gripp. We first featured this bloke not long ago after he sent me his remix of Kavinsky as well as a sweet little original track. While the production quality was a touch raw, the sounds incorporated within the tracks was downright sublime; a fuse of rythmic guitar loops, sweet drum patches in a manor that was quite refreshing. Since then, boy has been extremely busy in the studio working his way through a mountain of remix requests including his first official track which will be upon us shortly.

In keeping an eye on this chap I noticed he'd put out another stellar remix recently of Amari, a group I know little about. You'll like it if you enjoy The Twelves, Fred Falke and the weather during Spring. Keep your eye on this fella as his non-conformist style has he ear-marked for a bright future in the biz. Peep his Soundy for other gems.

Amari - New People in Town (the Gripp remix) by The Gripp

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