Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not-so-Big Day Out

So, the second line-up has been announced for Big Day Out. If you want to check out the entire bill, click here.

The Big Day Out for 2010 has been relatively disappointing. Whispers and rumours speculated the return of Blink 182 as headliners, as well as this century's Daft Punk - the ever formidable Justice. Rick Devoe, Blink 182's manager was even quoted in an interview to say "Big Day Out organisers have approached the band... and they have indicated they will play". Instead, Blink has opted for a European tour.

On top of this, Ticketmaster completely fucked up and released tickets 4 hours before their scheduled release time, which forced the announcement of a second Big Day Out in Sydney for only the second time in history. This immediately fuels the 'which day will be better' argument which means squat. Either way, both days have sold out. So someone has made decent coin from all these disappointments.

Personally, I was hanging on Justice or Blink to be the BIG second announcement. Instead, I was given Jet. And I dislike Jet. Incidentally, Simian Mobile Disco was announced which excited me. For those avid Groove City followers, refer back to the ever-beautiful Amy's recommendation of the SMD Live Mix which I posted only a few days ago and get excited for at least one act.

So, in summation, I'm going to give Big Day Out a thumbs down, even though I'll probably still go by way of duress/peer pressure.

Oh... music? Check out Delphic, one of Kitsune's latest signings released a few months back. I like it. A lot.

This Momentary - Delphic

Peace and Love.

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