Thursday, November 12, 2009

I can't DJ, I have the Victorian equivalent to the HSC...

I know I'm late on this little post, but as always, better late than never. Blogs worldwide have been running hot with this. I thank Max for posting this little guy and showing me the light yet again.

Introducing 17-year-old Swick, the latest underage producer funkin' shit up all over Melbourne. Signed to Ajax's 'Sweat it Out' label, Swick's EP is due to land early December, and it will be huge. The video below is a small sample from the upcoming release. Roller disco anyone?

As a small treat, I managed to get my hands on one little excerpt he is releasing. It's not as good as 'Grow Up' but it is definitely rhythmic. Check it out. Bounce along.

Theme to Swick - Swick

Finally, he has produced a mini-mix in which he manages to cram over 80 songs into 30 minutes of mind-blowing goodness. If you are a follower of the nu-disco/progressive electro/pop house, then you'll know almost, if not every, song in there. And you will marvel at the creativity. He seems to have omitted his own work from the mix, which is both irritating and enticing.

'30 minutes of Swick' Mixtape

Peace and Love.

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