Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ed is Dead

Over the past however long, Pedro Winter has managed to piss Ed Banger Records up against a wall, snort it up his nose, or both. The once great French Record label has not done anything remotely constructive in the past few years. Justice, who contributed enormously to the rise of Ed Banger moved to the revamped Elektra label (also boasting Little Boots in their small collection of artists) in June this year. Even if the Justice sound is getting a bit old, the old Ed Banger lifeline seems to have vanished - along with any potential of a resurgence of talented artists.

Then again, did Ed Banger ever have any real promise at all? Uffie is just a talentless Euro-wannabe from California who slept her way to a recording deal. And who the hell is Feadz? But... then again... the likes of SebastiAn and Oizo are carrying the Ed Rec flag... OK so maybe there is some talent left there. But whatever is left isn't producing anything. Busy P has been sitting on SebastiAn's new album for a while now. Not sure what he's waiting for, but he'd better get off his arse and pump out more of this...

Untitled - SebastiAn

So... Justice are gone, Boys Noize Records and Dim Mak seem to be pumping out all the popular trash electro: and Busy P is left hoping Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homen-Christo can produce another album, do another world tour and mask the failings of the past few years... just because... OMFG - it's Daft Punk.

Peace and Love.

PS less opinion, more music coming soon

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