Monday, November 23, 2009

Variety Bucket

The Sydney Festival next in January next year looks... well... kinda shit compared to last year. But hey, at least Radioclit will make a showing!

Fantasic Six (Radioclit Remix) - Alphabeat

I'll stay with gigs for the moment... and focus on The Middle East who are playing the Brass Monkey on December 7. Tickets are available here. And many of you thought this was a remix only blog?

The Darkest Side - The Middle East

And a little discovery I made... Chris Glover, a producer from New York has combined with himself to make Penguin Prison - a one-man electro outfit crediting LCD Soundsystem as his influence. I like I like!

A Funny Thing - Penguin Prison

Another not-so-new group is an act made big by Triple J recently is Tim & Jean. They didn't win Unearthed High. But they are pumping out tracks at the tender ages of 15 and 18. And it's really really good.

Come Around - Tim & Jean

So... I'll throw in another remix. This one goes out to some friends of me who I don't think are aware of this D Cup remix. Be cool bitch, be cool!

Afro Nuts (DCUP Hi Beams Remix) - Yolanda Be Cool

Oh yeah... I'd like to share one of my most sought after tracks. I have been hunting down this remix for at least six months. I finally landed it yesterday and I pass it on to you at 320kbps (only the best for you guys). Yes, I know some of you will hate it. But I think it is a clever construction and done rather well. At least it's not from their latest album. Sex on fire? More like fuck off. Please.

Milk (Stretch and Vern Remix) - Kings of Leon

Peace and Love.

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