Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My First Music Festival

So I thought I'd do a special Stereosonic post. And by popular demand, it will be opinionated.

Firstly, Stereosonic is NOT a music festival. Music festivals involve roadies, truckloads of equipment, 27 guitars for the headline frontman, 'cultural' tents, etc etc. Stereosonic will require a stage, DJ decks and some Italians jumping round behind them. That's it. And what is brilliant, people have paid up to $130 to go. An extra $50 and you'll have Splendour for two days. Something seems off... but then you remember Stereosonic had to be cancelled in Sydney last year because of 'financial and production' issues. Ahhhh... charge the people more, less likely to suffer losses.

Stereosonic is a who's who of nostalgic house that I grew up on through the latter part of year 12 and post HSC. Yes my music taste has evolved, but I still love Surkin's Radio Fireworks.

What is troubling me however, is that fact that Stereosonic is the first music festival post-HSC. I'm not even there yet, and I am dreading the crowd. Supre-clad dregs trying to remove their left ear with their bottom jaw. Maybe their male counterparts have their shirts off, their Southern Cross tattoos proudly emanating from their freshly waxed chests. Omg I can't wait. To top it off, NOVA 969 is one of the major sponsors. And I really don't think I could despise anyone more than the music producers at Nova. One quote from some retarded Nova presenter I heard at work 3 weeks ago... "Here's the brand new one from Deadmau5, these guys are from America teaming up with super cool Pendulum, it's called Ghosts n Stuff".

- Deadmau5 is one man, and he is from Canada.
- Ghosts n Stuff was released October 6th, 2008... but the new one was put out August 2009.
- 'Pendulum' is actually Rob Swire, they're almost right. And he uses Autotune in this track. Thus making the track sound like finger nails on a blackboard in a room full of naked laughing clowns raping each other with cactuses whilst Nuclear war rages outside and the background music is Wing's cover of 'My Heart Will Go On'.

And I'm done...

Overnight - Hudson Mohawke

Discotirsco - Knightlife

Forza - Zombie Nation

Peace and Love.

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  1. done!!

    but you missed something. the organisers have actually banned people from tking there shirts off this year. they'll be kicking people out for it. awkward.