Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Back by Request

Apologies for the relatively extended break... but do I ever have the goods for you. Richard Kingsmill featured the Requesters on his '2009' show recently, so that's where I first heard about them. It was difficult catching the name of this awesome Spanish duo given Kingsmill's keenness to smash out as much new music as he can in an hour or whatever. BUT... here it is.

The Requesters are (from what I can gather from primitive blog-based research) two brothers from Barcelona by the name of Pia and Oriol Riverola. And I think they are awesome. They seem to be a logical progression from the fading French house epitomised by Justice. Quite similar for my mind, but still distinctly original, cruisy and heavy without being... heavy.
'Warriors' is a brilliant introduction song for any set, with dramatic piano chords paired with blasting symbols. 'Chrisis' is the most Justice-esque track they have. But I already don't like comparing them against Justice. They are their own being. And their EP is launched in Europe next week. Go Spain!

Listen and enjoy.

Warriors - The Requesters

Strong Love - The Requesters

Chrisis - The Requesters

Piano Bytes - The Requesters

As Time Breaks Off (The Requesters Remix) - Delorean

Murderer (The Requesters Remix) - Grammatic

Peace and Love.

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