Monday, December 14, 2009

My Favourite Things

The following is a short post on some tracks that I have had on constant repeat recently. The first is a longer track by Burial and Four Tet called 'Moth'. Miss Gibbs told me about this track about a year ago or so and it's truly awesome. I have absolutely nothing to inform you on who they are or where they come from... so enjoy the track.

Moth - Burial & Four Tet

The second is a track by Ellen Allien & Apparat (notice I'm keeping with the dual artist vibe here) and it's called 'Do Not Break'. Real names of the duo are Ellen Fraatz and Sascha Ring, but the Ellen Allien alias comes from a fashion background. So she produces music and fashion. I think that's pretty funkin cool. Especially when you listen to this...

Do Not Break - Ellen Allien & Apparat

Finally, a remix of Visitor's 'Los Feeling' by Monsieur Adi. Signed to Techno Favrik, Monsiuer Adi resides in Milan in Italy, and represents the developing underground of Dream Wave Electronica. I like it.

Los Feeling (Monsieur Adi Remix) - Visitor

You might as well check his solo stuff too whilst your here. Cruisy, bassy, relaxing.

We Are the Romans - Monsieur Adi

Peace and Love

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