Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Welcome... Lance Dior

As promised in an earlier post, I have decided that now is the time to feature one Max Smart a.k.a. Max Bryden.

Max is an all round top Aussie bloke disguised in skinny jeans, a Lakers jersey and slip on shoes customised with scissors to accommodate Max's giant feet. This is becoming somewhat of a tribute to him now...

More importantly, the vast majority of my music taste has been influenced by Max and his recommendations. I have a lot of respect for Max and his music library. He introduced me to every form of dance music since my 16-year-old Punk Rock phase. Every major electro group that has emerged over the past few years, including Bloody Beetroots, MSTRKRFT and Crookers - Max informed me of their presence circa 4 years ago (when these groups were good... not shit house like they are now).

Lately he has dived into the Nu-Disco that's making everything more... groovy.

He also loves DJ-ing. Like... really loves DJ-ing. He will man the decks for 6 hours at anyones 21st and DJ the shit outta the party if you give him the go ahead. Here is one of his mixtapes that shows more or less what he can do from copious amounts of bedroom mixing.

'I Like Popular Music' Mixtape - Max Smart

He graces Fringe Bar, Cargo Bar, Q-Bar and Ruby Rabbit with his ever dominating presence and is just an all round awesome dude.

On a side note, the 7ft monster will be contributing to this blog from here on in. Ooooo... how exciting.

Peace and love.

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