Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My name is.. what?? My name is ... who?? chicka chicka Slim Shady

Boy howdy it's good to be here. In a fast paced modern climate a boy can be excused for having a lot of feelings and blogging is certainly fantastic way to let you all know about them.

For those of you who don't know me my name is Max and safely now the saying "she doesn't even go here" no longer applies to me. Captain Sober a.k.a Bilbow Baggins a.k.a Ned Flanders a.k.a Naboo the Enigma has graciously allowed me to join the Groove City team and I'm happy to oblige. I've known the young man for a few years now and we always seem to see eye to forehead (which is pretty good considering I'm a 7ft monster) on most things musical, but for those of you who can't compete in a measuring contest with us, I'll spell it out for you.

I'm of the opinion that Riverside is one of the worst "songs" of all time.

I'm of the opinion that the Bloody Beetroots have forever scared a rich history of quality italian dance music.

I believe Prince was royalty, George Michael could get any broad in the world, and that Michael Jackson is not the king of pop; Calvin Harris is.

My beliefs, while sometimes obscure and controversial, are what they are. I much prefer musicianship over grammar, unless of course you are referring to the Nelly Album in which case consider me Miles Davis!

Over the next little while I'm hoping to take you on a journey through all genres of music from electro to hip hop, from funk to fidget and all things that make you want to shake your groove thing yeah. I'm a particular fan of Australian electro music, a genre which has gained massive world wide approval over the course of the last 14 months. Artists such as Cut Copy, Midnight Juggernaughts and PNAU have paved the way for a wealth of local talent which are currently recieving apt support from local record labels such as Sweat it Out! run by Sydney DJ Ajax, and also Bang Gang 12 Inches label which is run under the large modular group. But more about these things later.

Here's a remix of a great song by American group Classixx. The remix is done by Sydney based wonder kid Cassian. I dare you not to enjoy it.

I'll Get You (Cassian's I'll Get Yew! Remix) - Classixx


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