Thursday, January 14, 2010

Everyone's doing it!

For those avid Groove City readers, you'll remember my dubstep introduction late last year. This is a continuation of said post...

At the moment, I'm that 13 year old kid hanging with my friends on the train. It's school holidays, my rat tail is starting to land me some solid lasses from broken homes and I've just started on my downward spiral toward drug abuse, an inability to hold steady employment and a general disillusionment with any fashion item that doesn't have LONSDALE emblazoned across it. The best part? My 'bro' just played a catchy song through the loudspeaker on his phone. "1 2 WHOOP WHOOP!" Oh my god I LOVE this song! Who's it by???

So why am I this kid? Well replace 'Warp' with Emalkay's 'When I look at You' and Lonsdale clothing with Zebra print singlets... and you'll find I've just discovered Dubstep neggers*!!! I used to be very impartial to the genre. I've had one friend in particular push it on me for over a year now. But now I embrace it. A bit late... but hey.

A mate of mine who is educating me on this new genre once described good Dubstep as a hot Asian chick - rare, but when it's done right, it's fuckin' mint! I concur whilst retaining a non-racial bias. But then again... I'm still discovering what good Dubstep is. In my opinion, these tracks are hot Asian chicks.

When I Look At You - Emalkay

Sweet Shop - Doctor P

Eyes on Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) - Blue Foundation

My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Remix - DZ Dub Edit) - Feist

I Love College (Dubstep Remix) - Asher Roth

Peace and Love.

*'Negger' is an abbreviated term for someone who is in the act of 'neggin' out' - whereby they inject a negative vibe into an otherwise optimistic environment.

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