Sunday, January 10, 2010

Final Boarding Call

Funny story right?? As a young and virile 19 slash 20 year old I used to frequent such venues as Hugo's on a Sunday and Fringe Bar on most other nights of the week, always with the goal of trying to get the DJ to play the songs I requested. Of course there was the satisfaction of hearing your requests, watching the party bounce and telling everybody what a sick dude you were for asking for a tune that he was probably going to play anyway, but on top of that, there was always a slight satisfaction if the DJ wouldn't play your tune as well.

The consequence usually involved a conversation with my mates including the phrase "this guy is a shit dj" and other such classics including "I could play better than this guy" and "how does he get gigs you think they'd give me a gig?".

I'm not going to pretend that I didn't use phrases like that on a weekly (if not daily) basis but one particular instance of this has stuck with me through this day.

I believe it was early 2008, a few weeks before Parklife tickets went on sale, but Sydney was alive with the anticipation of the line up which had just been announced, including Fake Blood. Upon making around 4 failed requests to the DJ booth at Hugo's for them to play some FB, most likely the Ring Road Remix, or Restless Remix (both tunez), I got into a verbal stauch with one individual in particular at the premise, at the basis was the argument that "they were only playing party music" to which I would say that "how isn't Fake Blood party music?" to which he preceded to sing Roxanne in my ear really loudly, to which I told him to fuck off.

After this exchange I went to the liberty of finding out the name of this DJ so I could make sure I would never have to go to a show that he was playing at. As it turned out, his name was Jimmy2sox and as long as I never saw him DJ again, I'd be happy.

That was until this turned up on my blogosphere...

Rio (Jimmy2sox and U-Go-B Remix) - Bumblebeez

This delightfully laid back summer groove remix of a classic Bumblebeez tune made me wanna go to sleep with sunglasses on. Did that just happen?? But surely I thought this Jimmy2sox character was terrible, maybe he just made a good remix by mistake.. Maybe all the talent lay on the U-Go-B side of the partnership.

I continued that line of thought until I found this in the middle of 2009

We are the people (Jimmy2sox Remix) - Empire of the Sun

This remix takes you back to fourth grade and makes you befriend the saxophone kid with the inside knowledge that he'll be cool when he's older. Surely this wasn't right. Surely there weren't two remixes I enjoyed from old mate but as I came to accept my fate there was more..

Best Party Ever (Jordan Lightyear and Jimmy2sox Remix) - Toecutter

What a belter. Best Party Ever was a remake of a Kool and the Gang song, Tonight, and despite around 10 remixes being available across the web, this banger was easily my favourite. Aeroplane had this in there top 10 tunes of September(?) and dropped this at Parklife in what I believe was the DJ set of the day, and if you can listen to this without tapping your toes you're a bigger man than me (albeit it possibly deafer).

Amongst those other remixes of Toecutter, my other favourite was by Flight Facilities, an equally groovy group cloaked in mystery bouncing around on the internet, but as a friend informed me of their identities, my former dismay and new found delight smiled, the members of FF were none other than U-Go-B and Jimmy2sox, the talents who made the Rio remix.

Best Party Ever (Flight Facilities Remix) - Toecutter

This remix reminds me of barbecues and south american beer, and you're kidding yourself if you think you don't like those things.

To my delight, these other gems which I was jamming too, turned out to be from my best mate as well. The first, a gorgeous remake of Bag Raiders 'other' song of last year (besides Shooting Birds) featuring the vocal stylings of Louie Austen. There isn't enough shade in the world to make this song as cool as it actually is.

Turbo love (Flight Facilities Business Class Lounge Cover Version) - Bag Raiders

The final song is an 8 minute epic remake of an older tune by Japanese group the Lowbrows, who are pretty talented. This tune is filled with more sax, guitar and piano riffs than should be aloud on the dance floor, best enjoyed while in a deep DEEP armchair.

Dream in the Desert (Flight Facilities Remix) - The Lowbrows

If you're still reading then bless you, and your ears will definitely thank me later.

Peace n thugs.


  1. I have very little idea what most of that was about, but I like your style Max. Very very cool.

  2. Thank you lex!! I aim to be to music what you are to brittish cuisine!!