Monday, March 29, 2010

Impersonating Facial Hair

I was sent this track about a week ago now, but certain internet errors have prevented me from posting it. But I'm back!

Fake Moustache is actually a man named Sebastien, and he resides in Sydney. When I first perused the Myspace page of said Sydney-sider I was thrilled to discover there was more groovy disco beats oozing out of this great city. But alas, we cannot claim him as our own.

Instead, Sebastien is a dirty surrendering Frenchman. He's been living in Sydney for a few years now and performing under the moniker of 'Bloody Disco' at the usual electro hang outs (Candys... Home... who cares really) supporting the likes of Boys Noize and other banging Europeans. He's also played in clubs in Paris and Berlin. So I guess he's kinda cool. But he gets cooler.

Sebastien has branched into the disco genre emerging from his homeland. Citing influences like Breakbot, Cecile and Treasure Fingers the man is definitely someone to keep an eye on. Overall, he's done a damn fine job. Please refer below.

Dance With Me (Fake Moustache Remix) - Peter Brown

Check his myspace for more dates and gigs.

Peace and Love.

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