Friday, March 26, 2010


There's something special about hearing a Twelves remix for the first time. For the last few years, no act baring Breakbot has consistently nailed there signature sound across as many remixes as the Brazilian duo. There brand of energetic synth-pop originally caught the worlds attention with their remix of Boyz by MIA, and from here, a diverse catalogue involving remixing some big names (La Roux, Fever Ray) as well as a host of stellar originals have made them one of the most popular groups the world over.

Their live show is a spectacle admired by all who have the pleasure of having witnessed it. It's a culmination of a DJ set played off a laptop, while the pair play the keyboard and drum machines. In all it creates a live set that is seamless and blends together in a style that is truly masterful, and in a way sets an example for any DJ to achieve.

I'm saying al this of course because I got some fresh Twelves today. It's not exactly new but I thought I'd post it up anyway for y'all to check out along with some classic remixes that were perhaps a little bit less well known.

Sound of love (Twelves Remix) - Husky Rescue

2 Hearts (Twelves Remix) - Kylie Minogue

Works for me - The Twelves

Drop The Tough (Twelves Remix) - Groove Armada

How about those tigers?!

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