Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Have a baby by me

Not that in anyway I can call myself an authority figure on the topic, but from what I can gather across various social networking websites, the tropical/tech/house movement is pretty supreme down in Melbourne. Sure we've got people up in Syd-ers doing there thing, we've even got Yolanda Be Cool who've been able to achieve amazing commercial success with their tropical brew, but from what I can hear/download/froth over, it seems that the scene down south is pretty boss.

For a while now Scatterblog has been my favourite source for quirk rhythmic tunes that make me wanna shake like the Pon de floor film clip. Recently, Slap n Dash (a.k.a Scattermish and Mu-Gen) completed an amazing mix up for Discobelle. The mix was made on 4 decks, 2 mixers (so live dummy) and is a culmination of some of the most inventive mixing and glamourous tropical tech music that I've ever heard.

So why I'm saying all this is of course that I've managed to find a couple songs out there that I thought you might like, one of them which starred as the first track on the Discobelle mixtape. Thankfully for us all, two of the more interesting faces on the circuit have decided to team up on a blog of their own to promote their work. I'm talking of course about Tranter (the guy from Gameboy Gamegirl who takes all his clothes off) and Swick, who you'll remember from his earlier mixtape we posted.

As is all the rage at the moment, these three tracks I'm posting are all bootlegs of Pon de floor, which is only right in a way considering the ability of Diplo over the last few years to bring baltimore/tech to the forefront of popular culture. Despite this song being well and truly played to death for a while now, hearing good people make new versions helps to keep this bad boy fresh.

Pon de baby - Gameboy Gamegirl DJ's
This bad boy is the first song out of the group for a while now but I'm not complaining. Tranter's touch to drop samples galore over some fat 808s is nothing short of magical, and shows why this huge white boy was able at one to rise to the top of the music game.

Pon de floor (Tranter edit) - Major LazerRemoved by Request
As there blog states, everyone made an edit of this song, but this is definitely up there with the best of them. Clean, and jumpy as hell. Gives the original a run for it's money.

Blue Monday vs. Pon de floor - Swick Removed by Request
Finally this little mash by Swick pits Major Lazer versus New Order. It's definately in the same league as the Pon de Foley mix we put up last week, with just enough cheese to carry it without giving you bad breath? Does that even make sense??

Check out there new blog. They've got mixes and some really awesome stuff coming out.

Tranter MySpace

Swick MySpace


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