Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lights in Storm clouds

I get excited when my inbox has tracks from artists I already know. LightsoverLA are back. And it turns out they have chosen a genre - away from their original 'I don't want to die like this' if you will remember from an earlier post. Good choice! I'd also like to apologise to Stormy and friend for doubting LightsoverLA.

What these guys are doing with their remixes is sublime. Simple, effective reworks that emphasise the emotiveness of the track. Their latest track - a remix of Miike Snow's 'Billie Holiday' - is no exception. You could play this at a club and have people dancing, whilst others sit in bar stools bobbing their heads. Or you could set it as your alarm tone and let the gentle synth edits warm your heart as you open your window and look out at the dozing world, knowing your day is already starting better than everyone else because you know who LightsoverLA are.

We're big fans out LightsoverLA, and we recommend keeping an eye on them. They are the new sound for my mind, and definitely have big things coming to them. Their last remix of Two Door Cinema Club reached number one on the Hype Machine charts - an accolade worthy of appraisal for any up and coming artist. You can stay updated by checking out their Myspace.

Billie Holiday (LightsoverLA Remix) - Miike Snow

Peace and Love.


  1. sick track, too bad the download isn't working!

  2. Thanks for the upload, this song is pretty epic.

  3. should be working fine. right click, save target as n shit

  4. Crystal Castles - Vietnam remix made me a fan!