Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beanz meanz Phinz?

I wasn't going to post this track. Firstly, it doesn't really fit the genre we're trying to promote and to be quite honest it didn't really grab me at all. This track, along with other Phinz productions (which I've omitted to post based on not-good-ness) are also circulating other blogs and have been for some time. I get the feeling Phinz is just whoring himself out to any blogger that's willing to post him. But it is free music, and should be circulated despite my reservations.

Phinz is from Innsbruck, Austria. And that is as much as I know. Not signed to any label, just been making music from his Roland MC-909 synth for a year or so now.

Atari Disco is so incredibly Boys Noize-esque it's not funny. You could probably replace the artist with Boys Noize and no one would know the difference. So... the sound isn't 'new' by any stretch of the imagination. I'm no that into it, but hopefully some of you are! I do like the little synth hooks and drum lines though - reminiscent of Kavinsky almost.

Atari Disco - Phinz

Peace and Love.

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