Friday, March 19, 2010

Last Sunset

Summer is gone, it's getting cold at night, so let's try preserve what we can of this sunshine.

Chazwick Bundick is a graphic artist and musician, also known as Toro Y Moi. He's been in indie bands since his high school years, but in recent times he has been most commonly associated with the chillwave movement which has been threatening to take over the globe for a minute now.

His album, Causers of this dropped in January and so naturally, I'm only hearing about it now. Musical cacoons suck. His sound is similar to one of his good friends Washed Out, although he does tend to push the tempo a little more. I can imagine if GLOVES weren't a clubber but a lover, his music would sound a little more like this.

This is sunglasses/picnic rug music. Check the vid. Irrelevant but cool.

Talamak - Toro Y Moi <--- Max Says Download

Low Shoulder - Toro Y Moi
Piano slow jam. GLOVES would dig the riffs.

Causers of this - Toro Y Moi
Funky breakbot/esque vibe with some sweet loops.


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