Saturday, March 13, 2010

The New Sound

For some time now Hilltop Hoods have been bringing us the 'sound of Adelaide'. In terms of popularity they are the biggest music act to come out of Adelaide recently. However, in terms of musical integrity and grounding they are the shittest thing to emerge in a genre that should never have evolved. Australian Hip Hip is cancer via radio waves. Rapping about how much you love Friday is not the basis for a rap song. Rap was born out of oppression and disillusionment. Not going to a music festival you illiterate bogans.

If you can't tell, I have a great disdain for Australian Hip Hop. Same applies to Folk. My general feelings can be encompassed by a message I received from an associate...

"Yes Triple J, Mumford & Sons are a successful folk band. However, don't start to fucking assume that I suddenly enjoy shitty country music. Because I don't. The same applies to Hip Hop you useless wankers."

Now the point of all this venting and rambling? The Swiss represent a new form of Adelaide Music as outlined in Max's earlier post (scroll down to check it out). In fact, the University of Adelaide is the only tertiary institution in Australia that offers a course in Electronic Music Production. So it makes sense then that Def Starr are from Adelaide... and are also banging out groovy 'electronic' music.

They're not 'new' as such, having been around since mid last year as far as I can tell. And I have listened to their original work, and it isn't as good as their remixing abilities. My pick is the Get Stellar remix. Baby-making music that is. At least the first 30 seconds are anyway...

The Moment (Def Starr Remix) - Get Stellar

Grow Up (Def Starr Remix) - Swick

Something About Us (Def Starr Version) - Daft Punk

You can check out their original work on their Myspace.

Peace and Love.

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