Thursday, March 11, 2010


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For the last three years, Kavinsky has stood out as the poster child of inactivity that has been synonymous with the Ed Banger Record label, but finally after 4 years since the release of his latest originals, we're again treated to the catchy and signature tunes of this Frenchy.

The Night Call EP which will be released soon features two original tracks as well as a couple of remixes from Dustin NGuyen and fellow recluse, Jackson. While the tunes carry the same Kavinsky sound which carried him to fame with hits such as Testarossa Overdrive, both songs are a lot more mellow and fit in with the current trend away from club bangers from the Frenchmen.

Pacific Coast Highway features the sampled commentary of a car chase behind some up tempo synth work, very reminiscent of the work off his Teddy Boy EP, while Night Call is a down tempo anthem with deep vocoder work which serves as a memorable hook.

If not for any reason, these tracks are worth hearing just to hear the progression in the artist who first appeared in 2006 with so much promise. As an added bonus, there's also a Breakbot remix of Night Call which jazzes up the original bringing some funk to the always collected Kavinsky.

Get some.

nb: apparently Kavinsky isn't even with Ed Banger, he just acts like it...

Pacific Coast Highway - Kavinsky

Night Call - Kavinsky

Night Call (Breakbot) - Kavinsky

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  1. kavinsky is with sebastien telliers label 'Record Makers' along with DSL and such.