Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Probably the best in the Universe

Fantastic new remix of perhaps my favourite song of the Summer that was 2010; Sometimes by Miami Horror. This time it's from a mysterious new producer out of Sydney, named Universe. This blurb was found on the release:

"Not a lot is known about UNIVERSE with his/her/their identity shrouded in secrecy, however the little we do know is that he/she/they have exceptional production skills which has landed him/her/them official remix rights for some of the hottest tracks of now, combined with some incredible originals which are due out shortly. Universe has already been ear-marked as one to watch for the remainder of 2010."

Apart from the GLOVES remix which is an absolute gem, this bad boy is the best I've heard of the bunch. It keeps the structure in tact from the original while offering a funk-twist similar to the likes of fellow Sydney brethren, Cassian and DCup. Definitely at artist to watch for in the future.

Sometimes (Universe Remix) - Miami Horror


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  2. Glad to see other people also LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!

    Though original version is the best.*


  3. I have to say that the original is definitely a masterpiece in it's own right, but as far as reconstructions go, this is funky as they come.

  4. Do we have any idea when exactly the album is going to be released yet?