Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bangers and Flash

So it appears the sleepy giant that is Ed Banger Records is stirring. Mr Flash, the artist formerly known as Flash Gordon, has an EP release scheduled for April 2010 titled Blood, Sweat and Tears. You can check out video teaser here.

Mr Flash was actually the first artist ever to sign to Ed Banger Records in 2003 and he's already released two albums. Truth is... I didn't care much for him then, and I haven't really altered my stance. However, the following track (from his 2006 release) is quite well produced, and the above video teaser is promising. So I'm in Flash limbo. Like you care.

Disco Dynamite - Mr Flash

Mr Flash will be touring nationally, landing at the Arcade in Sydney on June 5. I will recommend one check this show out. Odds are he'll bring some sort of Ed Banging Frenchman to support him.

Whilst we're on upcoming releases with no new tracks to blog about, a drunken encounter with Les Petits Pilous a while back at their Sydney show gave me some inside information. Firstly, the LPP both reckon that the upcoming Justice album is "absolutely mind blowing... better than the first album". This is a massive call. They also said the upcoming Crookers album is going to be huge. I heard the first single off said album the other day. And it's shit. I'm not even going to post it. So... hopefully they have got 1 in 2 right.

And because you all deserve more than one track, how freaking good is Sinnerman. I heard it played on some Top Gear episode the other day. Reminded me of when Felix da Housecat was the shit, instead of just... shit...

Sinnerman (Felix Da Housecat Heavenly House Mix) - Nina Simone

Peace and Love.

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