Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Believe the hype

Just got a couple of videos to share with you from some artists that we really dig.

Off the bat, I'm not going to deny that I've always had an awkward love hate relationship with sayCet. I love them simply because they're next level and make the sort of sounds that most bands can't. It's hard to describe, but words like 'synergy' come to mind when listening to their sound. Don't ask me why. They're kind of like Sigur Ros without the jibberish.

I also hate them because they don't make music that can be 'Deejayed' so to speak. How selfish is that.

So I guess I don't really hate them at all then. Except on the basis that I completely missed them releasing their album in March. So here's a video for one of their tracks named 'easy'.

Easy - SayCet

sayCet - Easy from sayCet on Vimeo.

I highly recommend if you enjoy that song that you check out the entire album available on iTunes. You can also hear more on their MySpace.

The second video I've got for you is from a group out of Melbourne who've recently started making the trip north of the border to start performing. They roll by the name of Cadillac, and from what I can gather they do things the right way. Everyone knows how much Australia is going off right now; I think as recently as two weeks ago we had 5 of the top 10 indie/nu disco tunes on the beatport charts (don't quote me but it was close to that), and from all accounts, these dudes might be the next big thing.

This video is for their track 'Want You Back', which is proper disco-sampled goodness. Hi-hats are always winners with me, and this tune delivers the goods, plus the old surfing footage is in-line with the rest of their catalogue as well, in which the adjectives 'summer', 'sunshine', 'wayfarers' can all be used in proper context.

Having recently signed on with Sydney agency Falcona, there's a great chance that they'll be spending more time in our town dropping dimes for all the enjoy. In fact, you can catch them on May 8th at Q Bar performing alongside the Aston Shuffle as part of the Destroy Tour. For more details click here. For more info on them, check out their MySpace.

Manhattan - Cadillac 160kbps


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