Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chase Los Feeling

I was going to sit on this until the morning, but good music can't wait..

After my post this morning on the Alfa remix of the new NightWaves track Sweet Carrie, I was excited to get an email from the artist himself with a a brand new track... this time from his brother. As it turns out, Los Angeles raised Alfa's little brother has just started out in the production game and surprise surprise, he's not shit.

There wasn't too much information I could find out about The Chase beyond his brethren, however his first remix effort of London based Visitor has him pegged as a GrooveCity one to watch in the near future. The word dreamy gets thrown a lot these days, but The Chase, has done a stella job of stripping the electro vibe off of this hit from '09 and re-creating it in a manner which will no doubt constitute it as an anthem of the up-coming North American summer. If there's one negative to come from this song, it's that in Australia it's getting cold, and I think that that I'd enjoy this song better with some pineapple juice, rather than from my snuggie.

Los Feeling (The Chase Remix) - Visitor

Add him on MySpace. Let him know you care.

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  1. The Chase is dope as fuck, you haven't heard anything yet