Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Don't enjoying posting music from other blogs unless it's awesome.

So over the Easter weekend we were lucky enough to have our shores graced by Burns, a Brit whose music I've enjoyed for a while. I didn't make it along to the show (which apparently was weird given it was on Easter Friday and the venue didn't open til midnight and had to shut at 3am), but apparently it was very good.

Burns has always made interesting music. Always heavy but with great control. This picture below explains it quite well...

Burns released his latest EP just over two weeks ago. It's really quite good. He's big on sampling, loops and things which make some of his music appealing to those who enjoy filter house stuff, but he also manages to introduce some heavier electra over the top which is always interesting and quite unique. To listen to his stuff on iTunes click here.

The track which I can post for you today (from TooManySebs) is Fourteen. It sounds like The Knife if they were to play a set catering to Club 77. You'll enjoy it. Below I've posted an older burns track which is more in line with his sampled/looped/filtered side. It's loud guitar wailing goodness.

Fourteen - Burns

Heartbeats - Burns

Check out the video for Fourteen.

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