Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Kids are RadioActive

This kind of thing isn't normally our bag but after giving it the once over, The Kids Are Radioactive's remix of Lady Gaga does bring back some nostalgia. It's a classic case of making a pop track "club friendly". In recent years, no one has done this better or more consistently than DJ Barletta and LAZRTAG, but perhaps this remix is a sign of things to come.

I've not heard the original Bad Romance by GaGa (unless by accident), but this remix has great rhythm and enough electro to cause a seizure if listened to at dangerous decibels. It's bangin' in every sense of the word. Does Lady GaGa have a wang?

For his trouble, TKAR is a mere 18 years old, and runs with the Binary crew from LA of which we are big fans. With a solid body of remix and original work already behind him, the stage is laid out for interesting things for his future. May will see the release of his latest original, entitled "This Machine Kills Fascists", a song which pays homage to the 60s and the revolution which was led by the likes of Woodie Guthrie, who is the real inspiration behind the title.

As a bonus I've tacked on an old LAZRTAG remix just because it is epic in every sense of the word. I'm pretty sure GaGa has a wang.

Bad Romance (The Kids Are Radioactive Remix) - Lady GaGa

Shut Up and Let Me Go (LAZRTAG Remix) - Ting Tings

Consider the pork, well and truly, on your fork.

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