Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's actually a Duplex

Following on from the Bon Chat, Bon Rat post last week I was fortunate enough to have my inbox graced with another Australian emergent group operating under 'The Townhouses'. I was sent heaps of info about their recording set up and discography, but I think I'm more curious to know where the name came from...

Leigh Hannah, Tania Timotic and Alex O'Gorman make up the collection of residential dwellings. From what I can gather, I believe Hannah is the brainchild of the operation... given everything is recorded in his crappy shed with his crappy equipment. What is awesome though is that the sound isn't actually crappy. It's like Sarah Jessica Parker and Wayne Rooney gave birth to Miranda Kerr (boom in your face with pop culture references). The Townhouses really have produced something quite remarkable. And when I say quite... I really mean super.

I may have got ahead of myself though lumping The Townhouses in with Bon Chat... because the sounds are same same but different. No vocals here, only a myriad of instruments and samples run through all kinds of filtering processes that have combined to produce a beautifully soaring, dream-wave bliss. Groups like Quantic, Four Tet or Bonobo come to mind, but I'd say their sound is closer to Seekae... without being overly electronic. But then again, people always try to do this with new groups. What I will say though is The Townhouses are definitely worth the space on your hard drive. Even if you don't like the genre, put in on when you go to sleep. Or wake up. Or want to relax. Or just want to listen to damn fine music because that is all this really is - tight production resulting in an enticing yet experimental sound.

They've released four EPs in the last year, but their independent debut album is set to drop May 7th. I was told they filtered through some 60 plus tracks to compile the album, but I think they should've smashed them all onto a 3-disc set. Then you'd have three times as much awesome-ness. Show them some love by checking their Myspace.

Jigsaws Under the Clouds - The Townhouses

You can also download their single Asleep here if you're in the mood for some more dream time.

Peace and Love.

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