Monday, April 19, 2010

The Count and Sampson?

Perhaps slightly removed from the more traditional beats we pump out here at Groove City is Count Effectz. Dare I say more mainstream? More commercial? More universal? Maybe. And yes, that wasn't a typing error. He uses a 'z' in his name. Think what you will. I should warn in advance that this post has more of a house feel. Apologies to the purists.

Count Effectz is a Sydney-sider by the name of Michael Williams (being a local boy definitely made me more inclined to post him. Support local artists). When I first perused his collection I did let out a sigh. I saw names like 'Sidney Sampson' and 'Dave Guetta' (who is still just awful at life in general and continues to breath much needed oxygen). But I also saw Oxide & Neutrino and almost lost my shit when I saw 'Shoot to Kill'. So I gave him a shot, and I am glad I did.

What the Count has done is create very effective edits incorporating multiple samples into small tracks. They have a Hood Internet feel, but without being straight out mash-ups. As stand-alone tracks they probably don't have the complete package, but if you wanted to make a crowd-pleasing or commercial house mix, then this is definitely your guy.

I can't call his work original. It's anything but really. I'm fairly sure at some point in every track he's whipped up, you'll find that very Diplo-esque Baltimore bounce beat. You'll know what I'm talking about when you listen to this... (I do wish he'd kept some vocals)

Shoot to Kill (Count Effectz Remix) - Oxide & Neutrino

And for some crowd-pleasing, house-based, make-underage-girls-lose-their-shit beats, check this concoction...

Break Da Riverside Down (Tristan vs Afrojack feat. Count Effectz Bootleg) - Laidback Luke vs Daft Punk vs Sidney Sampson

How's that for a mouthful of a title?

Overall, I cannot detract from what is a solid first attempt at production. Check out his SoundCloud for more remixes, edits and originals if you like what you hear. He has a shitload of tracks up there for free download. He also has a Myspace and a website.

Peace and Love.

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  1. The Dutchmaster himself Afrojack,
    accompanied by the legendary Daftness
    Daft Punk-Harder Better Faster Stronger VS Afrojack-Bangduck