Monday, April 19, 2010

Mining for Gold

After some recent departure from the foundations of Groove City, I thought I'd bring it all back. I stumbled across a few diamonds in the rough on Hype Machine yesterday. I don't like posting songs from other blogs, but in the long run I believe this will benefit both myself and you. And besides, these songs are dope man!

I found this sneaky track on Artificial Light. Punches is a collection of three twins (apparently) from New York who roll around with the ever-talented Xinobi amongst other New York groovers. This remix is funky and upbeat. Very reminiscent of Swick's work (for those of your familiar with the little guy) but I have a feeling Swick would have used the vocals to better effect. Check it out.

Only You can Make You Happy (Punches Remix) - Au Revoir Simone

This next track comes courtesy of The Music Ninja. This is only the second or third RAC track I've heard. They did an amazing remix of Bloc Party's 'Hunting for Witches' but the BPM was up around 144, so it wasn't very useful. This remix is freaking killer though. Temper Trap are the bees knees at the moment. RAC have just given them a more club-friendly bass line with awesome synths and an all-round funkiness.

Sweet Disposition (RAC Remix) - Temper Trap

Peace and Love.

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