Thursday, April 22, 2010

Food Stamps

For a while now the smooth musical stylings of Coupons have kept me awake at night. In a city packed to the brim with quality producers, they've avoided taking the popular path in terms of their style and instead have done what's come natural to them which in a word can be described as hybrid. It's a little bit erectro, a touch techno, a dash of pan synths and a healthy portion of chill wave in a style they've effectively trade marked as Dream Rave.

In their relatively short history, Coupons have made a bunch of quality remixes and some delightful originals, with their biggest accolade so far coming with their victory in Royksopp remix competition last year. By winning the Oceanic leg of this international competition they cemented their future as "ones to watch" within Sydney town.

At the moment, they're in the final stages of recording their EP, which they describe as DreamRave - a post summer chill disco Epic. The EP will be 5 tracks and accompanied by an intense remix package from some very exciting names they assure me.

From the mouth of a very well known artist who they supported "If i had a record label, I'd sign them" Anoraak, 2010.

Best - Coupons
(For a higher quality version, buy it here)

Vocal Chords (Coupons Remix) - Claude Von Stroke

Love Theme (Coupons Remix) - Run Seven

Fences (Coupons Unfinished Beach House Remix) - Phoenix

For even more tunes, check out their MySpace.

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