Thursday, April 22, 2010

Main Thang

There are a lot of genre's of music that I don't like. In particular I'm not really a fan of dutch house. I find it repetitive and unimaginative.

People argue that it has it's place, which it does, but why all of a sudden last summer did every bloke and his sidekick decide that to play big room bangor tunes, it had to be dutch? Gross. Afrojack is terrible.

For years, before all these myths starting popping up onto the worlds radar with their clogged monstrosities, artists such as Herve dominated with their heavily congo influenced songs which were electro laden but at the same time had enough structure and talent behind them to still be called songs. While his style does reflect popular trends worldwide, it's probably more appropriate to suggest that Herve has set trends worldwide. Afrojack is terrible.

So anyway... On the 12th of April, Herve released his latest compilation CD called Ghetto Bass 2, and amongst a grocery list of talented UK and international artists such as Jack Beats, Fake Blood and Voodoo Chilli was a new group out of Sydney known as Mane Thing. Mane Thing was the marriage (musically speaking) of Steve Lind from The Hump Day Project and Jax from Deckhead, who according to rumour hooked up (musically speaking) one night to put this track together without much thought on it's potential beyond perhaps their own CD wallets. As fate should have it however, 9 months after hooking up (musically speaking)(may have actually only been 6 months) a beautiful baby was born in terms of the Mane Thing's bootleg of His Majesty Andre being included on Herve's new compilation.

Love a good love story.

Peep Thong (Mane Thing Bootleg) - His Majesty Andre 192
Buy it in 320 at BeatPort

This is how you make a big room track without going dutch.

We No Speak Americano (Spenda C Edit) - Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP

Steve was also nice enough to drop over his latest edit of THE party jam du jour, We No Speak Americano.

You're welcome.

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